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A few details about the Line Driver

The Line Driver Road Marking Machine manufactured in India is one of the finest products used for lining the roads. As the times are developing, there is a need of proper lining of the roads worldwide, both for the safety of the drivers and the concerned people of different countries, worldwide. It is very easy to use this particular product and it is also designed in a way that gives the benefit of completing the task of lining the roads in half the time. In today’s world, the demand for the Line Driver Road Marking Machine has increased, which indicates that it has been providing amazing results to its users with the best output that they expect to obtain from it.

Line Driver Road Marking Machine Manufacturer Shreeparmanand in India

The Line Driver machines manufactured by our company in India are designed in a way that provides the best results to the user and is used all over the world. The machine comprises a drive system that is completely hydro static with two heavy duty hydraulic motors attached to the wheels, to ensure the well functioning of the machine.

As with all the qualities of the product, its efficiency is also important, here the Line Driver Road Marking Machine provides a marking speed of 0 to 2 km per hour, which is highly satisfactory. In addition to all this, it has a free moving speed of 0 to 4 km per hour as well!

The fuel type of this particular product is petrol and it is supported by a 3.5 HP Honda Petrol Engine, to provide the best output to the users. All this is carried in a product that weighs around 200 kg approximately.

Why choose Shreeparmanad manufacturers for Line Driver Road Marking Machine

Since the beginning of our company’s journey in this arena, we have been catering to the needs of our buyers and customers in the best way possible. May it be providing the best quality products with a remarkable range or the best deals at affordable prices, Shreeparmanand has always had an upper hand over the other manufacturers in the market.

We have been providing our services worldwide including countries like the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), including Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. We always guide the customers and provide them with complete knowledge about the product they choose to buy so that they don’t face any kind of difficulty in using it.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest value of customer satisfaction and to be confident that the customer does not have to face any problem from our end. Many years that have passed by have seen the hard work and dedication that have been put in to make our company reach the peaks of the market and grow in the changing times of developing infrastructure in a healthy and competitive manner to survive in the long run.




Line Driver


3.5 HP Honda petrol engine

Minimum order quantity

1 piece

Fuel type


Drive system

Hydro static drive system, Two heavy duty hydraulic motor attached to the wheels



Marking speed

0 – 2 km/h marking speed and 0 – 4 km/h free moving speed


200 kg Approx.

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