Spare part

Manual Road Marking Machine

Spare parts are exchangeable parts that are kept in a listing and used for the repair or replacement of failed units.

It has an important characteristic of logistics engineering and allowance chain management. It often includes assigned spare parts management. These are a product of the industrial advancement of convertible parts and mass production.

Our company is fascinated in the production, marketing and export of a vast collection of Road Construction Machine parts like Screed Shoes and Glass beads Dispenser.

Our company made Machinery parts as per the predefined industry precepts, these spare parts are largely used in earthmoving and other machinery.

Some of the major aspects of these valuable Spare parts like Screed Shoes and Glass Bead dispensers are longer functional life, high resistance to corrosion, and dimensional precision.

We have the tools like Glass Bead dispensers and Screed Shoes Glass Bead Dispenser is used for whipping Glass Beads into road marking lines. It is associated with a glass beads tank that will transfer glass beads into the dispenser box. The glass beads dispenser starts working automatically when the machine walks.

Features of Glass Beads Dispenser

  1. It is easy to replace.
  2. Glass beads dispensers are available in variable sizes.

Screed Shoes

Whether you have to walk on a freshly laid tile floor or have fresh scars, make sure to wear these shoes to protect the base.

  1. It is easy and comfortable to wear.
  2. And it is easy to slip in

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