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About Self-Propelled Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

Self-propelled machine is improved and upgraded road marking machine with self- drive system. This machine can move forward and backward by itself your workers just need to control the directions. Self-propelled thermoplastic road marking machine is capable to mark up to 2 km in an hour and the free moving speed is up to 4 km/h. It is suitable for road marking contractors who already have thermoplastic preheater. Because of high work efficiency, it is widely used in marking highways, city urban roads, parking lots, mountain roads, factory warehouses and so on.

The utility model has the advantages of high quality, fast speed, simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc. This self-propelled thermoplastic road marking machine can save much time and money of road line constructions.

More information about Shree Parmanand’s Self-propelled Thermoplastic Machine.

AT50SP self-propelled thermoplastic applicator is a portable thermoplastic hand liner. This road marking machine can mark different kinds of road limitation markings which is widely used in the field of city road,highway,expressway,parking lot,runway,square and so on.

This machine has Paint tank with double-thickened stainless steel, welding inside and outside, never leakage material and 100 kg capacity made of SS 304 grade. This machine has Natural rubber wheels which have the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature, low friction, and high flexibility.

This Self-Propelled Thermoplastic Machine has 3.5 HP Honda petrol engine and Drop on glass beads system for 100mm and 150mm. This machine weighs 250kgs with screed shoe and glass bead guns. It uses the LPG heating system, with heavy duty burner for tank and shoes and hand heating torch.

Machines fabricated based on our continuous research and observation on roads. It is our commitment to overcome the problems faced by the other conventional road marking machines which are now fabricated in India. Well supported by trained fabrication and after sales team which are backed by foreign technical expert.

Our services areas and experiences in manufacturing Screed Shoes

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We have a highly experienced team of professionals with an extremely reliable range of products.The professionals working with us have sincere communication with the clients, to have a clear understanding of their preferences.

Shreeparmanand also has an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Certificate. We are highle committed to following the standards set by us, in terms of quality and the services provided by us. This has always helped us to gain the trust and confidence of our customers.





Marking thickness

0 – 2 km/h marking speed and 0 – 4 km/h free moving speed

Heating system

Drop on glass beads system for 100mm and 150mm


Hydro static drive system, Two heavy duty hydraulic motor attached to front wheels


3.5 HP Honda petrol engine




Heavy duty chassis with good mechanical design for tough operations

Glass beads tank

Drop on glass beads system for 100mm and 150mm


250 kg Approx.

Paint tank capacity

100 kg capacity made of SS 304 grade

Screed shoe

Pneumatically operated 100mm and 150mm screed shoes

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