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A few details about the Road Broomer Machine manufactured in India

It has been a long time since we have started the manufacturing and supply of the Road Broomer Machine. It is one of the finest products that help in sweeping the roads and gives the finest output with every use. In today’s times, it is generally used to clean the roads before starting the road marking work. This helps in providing a better finish to the road marking work and ultimately provides a great output. This Road Sweeping Machine is preferred by a lot of Road Sweeping Contractors all over the world.

The Road Sweeping Machine Manufacturers in India have manufactured this product keeping in mind the needs of the contractors and the concerned people.

A few more details about the Road Broomer Machine Manufactured by Shreeparmanand in India

The Road Broomer Machine designed by us is quite fit to satisfy almost all the needs of a customer for a perfect Road Sweeping Machine. Its functional life is very high as compared to the other manufacturers and the prices of the road sweeping machine manufactured by us, are also highly affordable and quite low as compared to the other sellers and manufacturers in the market. Coming to the features of the product, it is made up of all the high quality materials and machinery required for the completion of the process of its manufacture. It is a hand push type machine with a brush speed of 100 rpm which is quite satisfactory and desirable. The diameter of the brush attached to it is 200 / 300 mm, which again is the best suitable for the function this machine is supposed to do. It supports the Diesel fuel type and has a tank capacity of 5 L which is quite high. Further, the machine functions on an Air Cooled 3 HP Engine Type.

Why choose Shreeparmanand India for buying the Road Broomer Machine

From the start of our manufacturing career, we have been committed to providing the best deals and products to our customers all over the world. Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest value of customer satisfaction and to be confident that the customer does not have to face any problem from our end. Many years that have passed by have seen the hard work and dedication that have been put in to make our company reach the peaks of the market and grow in the changing times of developing infrastructure in a healthy and competitive manner to survive in the long run.

We have been providing our services worldwide including countries like the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), including Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. It takes a lot of effort and consistent hard work to reach this peak of providing the best customer satisfaction and we are glad that our products are being liked by customers all over the world.




Road Broomer Machine

Fuel Tank Capacity

5 L


Road cleaning before road marking work

Minimum order quantity

1 piece

Fuel type


Brush Diameter

200 / 300 mm


Shree Parmanand

Engine Type

Air cooled 3 HP

Machine Type

Hand push type

Brush Speed

100 rpm

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