Twin Cylinders Thermoplastic Pre Heaters

A brief introduction about the product and its uses

As the times have been changing, so are the diverse needs of the people all over the world. To provide maximum satisfaction and comfort to the people while working, our company, Shreeparmanand, has manufactured the new Twin Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre Heaters in India. This product has been proved really useful and it is generally used to perform the function of road marking, runway marking and in addition to this it, the machine is also compatible to work well on the sports grounds. These few things are what adds to one of the most important characteristics of the machine, which in turn play an important role in the increase of its demand in the long run.

Specified details about the Twin Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre Heaters manufactured by Shreeparmanand in India

The Twin Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre Heaters manufactured by Shreeparmanand in India are highly efficient and can work well on different kinds of surfaces. The Pre Heater Machine is made out of the finest quality material and the best type of machines are used for manufacturing it. It is oil jacketed with indirect heating by the LPG system that helps in evenly heating the paint, further increasing the efficiency of the product. The machine is available in gear box driven and hydraulic driven system and also has availability of manual start and electric start engine, that runs on diesel. Apart from all the qualities and features of the product, these are the few things that make it unique and attract the most of the customers in the market.

Why choose Shreeparmanand for buying Twin Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre Heaters in India

Best results in the minimum time :
The Twin Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre Heater Machine manufactured by us helps in saving a lot of fuel as it is equipped with a stainless steel tank and prepares the paint in minimum time as compared to the other manufacturer’s products.

Quality check and modernized tools

We use all the modernized tools and machinery that are required for the smooth functioning and assembling of the product that we manufacture. In addition to that, we go through a lot of quality tests for every single product before we have it reach our customers, just so that they do not have to face any kind of technical issue with the product

Our customers over the world

Our production center is located in India but we have been providing our services worldwide including countries like the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), including Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. All of the countries mentioned above have been using our products for a long time and we have been providing them with the best of our services and every type of guidance or information required about the product.

Price of the Twin Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre Heater Machine

The price of the Twin Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre Heater Machine manufactured by us is also quite affordable and competitive to the other manufacturers at the same time. Adding to it, the machine manufactured by us can no doubt function for a longer time duration with the least requirement of maintenance.

Our ultimate goal

We have been really committed and stuck on the idea of providing the best products, services, and deals to our customers over the world, and make sure that we continue to do the same forever.

Specification - Hydraulic Driven Thermoplastic Pre Heater




Tank capacity

20 bags (10 Bags each)


Twin Cylinder oil jacked Pre-heater

Engine start/stop

Manual/Electric start

Tank material

SS 304 Grade

Number of layers

4 layers

Temperature gauge

Heavy duty temperature gauge fitted – 0 degree to 300 degree

Agitator drive

Gear box type, fix rotation speed and uni directional rotation

Heating system

LPG heating system with heavy duty burner for tank and provided with hand heating tourch.




850 kg approx.


5 HP Diesel engine


4th layer insulated by thermal insulation wool blanket for heat preservation

Heat conductivity

Thermic fluid oil, IPOL make thermic oil

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